Addictions can be treated

Do you feel out of control with any or all of the following:



Recreational Drugs

Pain Killers




Addiction Treatment Options

Although some of these may not be true physiological addictions, they can be habit forming and create a psychological dependence. People can become dependant or turn to any of these substances for many reasons such as:

Alleviating stress, pain, anxiety sadness, anger or hurt

Trying to plug an emotional vacuum created by other unmet needs

Boredom relief

Excitement-seeking & getting high on adrenaline

Conforming with peers’ expectations

Addictive substances are a substitute for coping with genuine healthy emotional needs. A combination of psychological treatment and coaching can help you to address the underlying needs and help you overcome addiction.

Benefits of Treatment for Addictions

You will regain good physical health, look, sleep and feel better

You will feel more in control, peace and harmony with your life

You will have more energy, more money and attention to channel onto more desirable pursuits

You will avoid the usual quarrels and problems with your partner or family because of addictive habits

Overcome Addictions with Mona Hansen

Psychologist and clinical hypnotist Mona Hansen combines psychological coaching and hypnosis to:

Process & release anxiety, distress, sadness or trauma

Identify your emotional needs and coach you to meet them in healthy ways

Use hypnosis to work on your subconscious mind, guiding it to divert attention from the addictive substances and onto healthier alternatives and lifestyle choices

Get Results Fast

Treatment can be as quick as 2-6 sessions

Contact Mona to quit your addiction.