Anger Management

Anger Management Therapy

Do you experience:

Loss of ‘cool’ in certain situations?

Tendency to lash out with anger and then regret it afterwards?

Often alienate or upset people that you care about?

Break into fights over trivial issues?

Tendency to avoid conflicts?

Anger can be managed

If you answered ‘yes’ to the above questions you may be experiencing anger issues. Anger is a protective emotion designed to give us a temporary power boost to fight off threats from predators and competitors. It was designed as a temporary turbo boost, not as a way of life. Being angry over unimportant matters can lead to adrenal fatigue and depression. Anger can also happen as a result of underlying hurt.

Anger management therapy can work by combining psychological treatment and clinical hypnosis to address the root causes of rage. The treatment will help you to:

Process the underlying cause fuelling the anger

Assist you to focus on more accurate and positive interpretations of other people’s behaviour towards you

Help you to keep your ‘cool’

Benefits of Anger Management therapy include:

Calmness and balance

Inner peace

Better relationships

Greater life satisfaction

Manage your anger with Mona Hansen

Mona Hansen is highly experienced in assisting people to manage or even release their anger. She has combined the best of psychological treatments and clinical hypnosis to provide fast, effective and lasting results with all kinds of anger including:

Anger from communication conflicts

Road rage

Aggressive self-esteem

Relationship conflicts

Contact Mona today and release your anger.