Eating Disorders

Eating Disorder Treatment London

An eating disorder can develop when you have an unhealthy relationship and attitude towards food. Mona’s eating disorder treatment can help you overcome your unhealthy relationship with food, using a combined and bespoke approach depending on your situation.

What is an Eating Disorder?

Eating disorders can involve eating too much or too little while becoming obsessed with your body weight and shape. Problems with eating can occur for a variety of reasons, including: bad habits, unhealthy associations with food and emotional dependency. There is also the contemporary issue of pressure to conform to society’s beauty standard. Obsession with body image and weight can arise from this constant media pressure. This can lead to unhappiness with yourself as you struggle to achieve these extreme, unattainable benchmarks.

Eating Disorder Symptoms

Do you experience regular bingeing or comfort eating? Unable to adopt healthy eating habits? Low energy or low motivation? Frequent use of laxatives or vomiting to manage your weight? Lack of control in managing your eating patterns? If you are experiencing any of these, you may be suffering from an eating disorder.

Eating disorders can do a lot of damage to your health, which is why it is important to treat your problem as soon as possible. People who are suffering from eating disorders often don’t get the nutrients necessary for a healthy body. People with eating disorders are at risk of a variety of serious complications, including:

Further mental health issues such as depression and anxiety

Bone damage

Tooth decay

Stunted growth and development

Relationship problems

Substance abuse

Difficulty performing at work or school


Eating Disorders

There are three main types of eating disorders, all possible to be treated by Mona. These are: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and overeating. The eating disorder treatment Mona undertakes is dependent on the type of eating disorder you are struggling with. The most widely known disorder is anorexia nervosa, which is a constant refusal to eat a sufficient amount of food. This prevents you from maintaining a healthy weight, leaving your body unable to properly function. Bulimia nervosa is another eating disorder, consisting of binge eating a purging, using either vomiting of laxatives to avoid putting on weight. Overeating is an eating disorder that can lead to obesity, often caused by emotional trauma and an unhealthy relationship with food.

Eating Disorder Treatment

Mona Hansen offers an integrative approach , combining psychology with hypnotherapy for a recovery process tailored to you. Mona has extensive experience working as a mental health professional, with years of experience working with eating disorder patients at a clinic in Norway and at the NHS in the UK. If you’re looking for a professional London psychologist, contact Mona today.

People who suffer from eating disorders commonly hide their problems from others, finding it difficult to accept the fact that they have a problem requiring professional help. As with any disorder, the longer you suffer the worse it becomes. The first step to recovery is recognising the problem and seeking out help. It can be tricky to know exactly what will work best for your disorder.

Hypnotherapy for Eating Disorders

Hypnotherapy can help your brain break unhealthy associations with food and emotions. It can help process unresolved feelings or emotions associated with food or unhealthy eating patterns. Clinical hypnotherapy can help with an individual’s eating disorder treatment. Through Mona’s integrative approach to treating eating disorders, the possible root cause can be identified and dealt with. Negative behaviour patterns can be broken while enforcing more positive habits, helping to conquer the disorder. Hypnotherapy can also help to improve self-confidence, aiding the progress to healthy eating habits and recovery.

Treating Your Eating Disorder

Your eating disorder treatment will help significantly improve your eating disorder symptoms. From participating in our sessions you will see improvements such as:

Developing a healthy relationship with food

Feeling in balance and at peace with yourself

Higher motivation and improved activity levels

Weight stabilization and its consequent health benefits

Improved self-confidence, attractiveness and sexual performance

Combat Eating Disorders with Mona Hansen  

Psychologist and clinical hypnotherapist, Mona Hansen, has combined the best of psychological treatments and clinical hypnosis. Providing fast, effective and lasting results for all forms of eating disorders, Mona is your port of call for eating disorder treatments in London. 

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