Phobia Treatment

Do your experience:

  • Panic or dread with regard to certain things or situations?
  • A sense of impending doom before a performance or a social function?

Phobias can be treated

  • Animals
  • Public speaking
  • Social events
  • Public spaces
  • Performance (including sexual performance difficulties)
  • Selective eating disorder (SED) or so called ‘fussy-eating’

Psychological therapy and clinical hypnosis can help you to overcome phobias.

Conquer your phobias with Mona Hansen

Mona is a certified practitioner of the 4Rs approach. The method involves the combination of the best of psychological treatments and clinical hypnosis to provide fast, effective and lasting results.

Get results fast

In most cases a phobia can be resolved in a single two-hour session. Mona can also conduct therapy over Skype and in Norwegian.

Contact Mona today for a one-session treatment of a phobia.