Smoking Cessation

Do you experience:

Difficulty in working without frequent smoking breaks?

Problems in controlling your appetite without nicotine?

Persistent stress without cigarettes?

Even though there are copious amounts of research and science that tell us just how bad smoking is for our health, it’s still an incredibly hard habit to break. Whether you started out of curiosity, peer pressure or simply out of boredom, it probably wasn’t long before you became addicted. Physically and mentally, now it’s time to stop.

As you’ve more than likely found out already, quitting your smoking addiction takes more than will power alone.

The benefits of quitting smoking are:

Significant improvement in lung capacity

Improvement in blood circulation and immunity

Reduced stress over the long term

Improved fertility levels

Improved perceptions of smell and taste

Younger-looking skin

Whiter teeth

Better breath

How to quit smoking

If you are currently a smoker (whether tobacco or cannabis) and want to quit but haven’t managed it so far, help is at hand. Clinical hypnosis is an effective way to make someone stop smoking.

Several independent meta-studies have shown the sustained effectiveness of clinical hypnosis over patches, gums or plain will power.

Smoking cessation with Mona Hansen

Mona uses an approach that does not rely on will power; but on working with your values. Working at the level of values is far more powerful and even requires little effort to apply. When one value becomes stronger and more powerful than another, it will dominate decision-making and weaker values. Mona will help to clarify and boost your positive values for greater health, wealth, freedom and self-control such that your values for smoking will seem weak and diluted in comparison. Your subconscious mind is a powerful mechanism waiting to be mobilised but it will only respond to simple clear instructions rather than mixed messages such as ‘I should stop smoking one day but I also like smoking with friends’. Once the values for non-smoking become more powerful than the values for continuing smoking, Mona will employ clinical hypnosis to engage the power of your subconscious mind to reroute and realign your old values accordingly.

Rapid Results

On average most people quit the smoking habit after a 2 hour session with Mona.

Contact Mona today and quit smoking.