Weight Loss Therapy London

Weight Loss Therapy London

Get effective assistance with weight loss therapy London. The mental challenge of losing weight, overcoming emotional eating and maintaining motivation can be huge. Mona Hansen gives you the support, treatment and therapy you need to succeed in weight loss through an integrative approach.

Do you experience:
Eating for comfort or emotional reasons? Constantly yo-yo’ing between diets? Difficulties in controlling portion sizes or making healthy food choices? Inability to motivate yourself to eat better or to raise your activity levels.

If you suffer from any of the symptoms above, weight loss therapy and weight management using a combination of psychological therapies and clinical hypnosis will be of immense benefit to you.

Therapy for Weight Loss

Weight Loss can be achieved through psychological treatment.

Our bodies were never designed to be overweight. Being overweight upsets the body’s equilibrium, heightening the risks of diabetes, respiratory, heart problems and pregnancy complications. It also affects mental health. This is not only because being overweight can change the chemicals and hormones that impact mood, but also as the way we think about our bodies can affect our sense of confidence.

How Does Weight Loss Therapy Work?

Your subconscious mind is a powerful mechanism waiting to be mobilised. Many people use determination, persistence and time to reprogramme the subconscious, but this is not easy and weight loss therapy can support you as you make this journey.

As powerful as the subconscious is, it will only respond to simple and clear instructions. All too often when thinking about losing weight, we send mixed messages through our brain such as ‘I should lose weight one day in the future’ or ‘I want to stop eating biscuits but I deserve a treat right now’. Weight loss therapy helps to send clear messages to your brain, helping you overcome the habitual problems that prevent your losing weight.

Mona Hansen’s weight loss therapy is tailored around your individual needs so it’s incredibly effective. Mona uses a combination of psychological therapies and clinical hypnotherapy for weight loss to maximise your ability to lose weight.

Weight Loss Therapy

Psychologist and clinical hypnotherapist, Mona Hansen, uses an approach to weight loss therapy that does not rely on sheer will-power — which can be exhausting and unsustainable — but on working with your values. Mona gets to know you, your emotions and the core values that you prioritise in life. This is far more powerful and requires little effort to apply. It makes weight loss therapy with Mona Hansen one of the most effective available

When you internalise the new healthy value, you naturally make healthier eating choices. For example, your brain might have created an association between food and comfort. This can be overcome by internalising your true value – that comfort can be found in other forms, for example – which directs you toward making healthy decisions with food. It’s one of the most effective ways to lose weight.

An Integrated Approach

Together we will set, monitor and achieve worthwhile and attainable food and weight goals for you. These will be integrated with lifestyle management to address nutritional issues, fitness, personal development and well-being.

This integrated program will enable you to overcome mental barriers that are holding you back from achieving your desired weight goal. It will help you to take complete control of your body and find a different, healthier way to meet your emotional needs. Motivational support is an important part of this.

Benefits of Weight Loss Treatment

London weight loss treatment helps you to achieve a more healthy weight. The benefits of a healthy weight can include:

Feeling slimmer, fitter and healthier inside and out.

You look and feel more attractive

Better sleep patterns, quality of sleep and increased energy

More control over your body and freedom from addictive food habits

Improved self-confidence

Improved relationship with your partner

Added quantity and quality to the years of your life

The benefits of weight loss therapy cannot be understated. It makes weight loss easier and more manageable, helping you to conquer those yo-yo diet habits and get a solution that sticks. Lose weight with Mona Hansen

If you want to get effective results soon, get in touch with Mona Hansen today. Mona is based in London, but also offers Skype weight therapy sessions.

Straightforward weight loss involves just a single two hour session. Occasionally one’s relationship with food can be linked to deeper issues related to upbringing and relationship to family members. In such cases, additional sessions may be required to address all the necessary variables present and to deliver the most effective treatment.

Mona has numerous testimonials from clients astounded and overjoyed by the results weight loss therapy has given them.

Weight Loss Treatment London

Mona Hansen offers weight loss treatment London from two locations: at 117 Harley Street, W1G 6AS or The Heath Therapies Clinic, NW3 7AX — according to which works better for you.

She also has weight loss treatment available via Skype calls for people throughout the UK and abroad, which is an equally effective method of losing weight for people who struggle to travel down to London.