Mona Hansen
London Based Psychologist

Mona Hansen provides both online and in-person therapies for people suffering from a wide range of issues including eating disorders such as Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID), depression, anxiety, stress, weight management & body dysmorphic disorder.

Mona Hansen

BSc (Hons), Dipl.Hyp, Dipl.Hyp, Dipl.CBH, Dipl.CBT, DBT

Mona Hansen is a London Psychologist who offers a rapid, integrative approach to private therapy. She works with you, developing bespoke therapy and hypnotherapy treatments customised to your needs.

Mona supports individuals who are suffering from ARFID, Eating Disorders, Weight Management, Binge Eating, Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

Psychologist & Hypnotherapist

 She has considerable experience working as a mental health professional, both in the UK and in her native Norway. She combines psychological therapies with clinical hypnotherapy to deliver effective treatment to adults and children. She is also qualified to offer advice on nutrition and exercise.

Mona offers private therapy in London at two central London locations: Harley Street or The Heath Therapies, Hampstead. She offers a range of therapies for people in London, the rest of the UK and worldwide via Skype.


Client Testimonials

We arrived for an appointment with our 13 year old son Jamie on the 8/12/18. Our son has had an ED for over 3 years and it has had complete control of his life, major weight loss and food restriction… the phobia itself taking over his life completely.

Caz Woodhead

My 13 year old daughter had a Skype session with Mona today. It was a very positive experience for my daughter who has been afraid of trying new food since she was 2. Afterwards she tasted several things for the first time ever, and even mixed food!

Kristin & Ingeborg

Just got home from a trip to London for my daughter to have a face to face session with Mona Hansen. I left her in there for 1 hr 45 minutes and returned to find her EATING a bowl of fruit salad. She had successfully tried all 8 foods that she took with her.

Lorna & Jenni

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Clinic Locations: 117 Harley Street, W1G 6AS. The Heath Therapies Clinic, NW3 7AX
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