Mona Hansen

London Psychologist

Mona Hansen at Life Advantage offers a rapid, integrative approach to private therapy. She is a London Psychologist who works with you, developing bespoke therapy and hypnotherapy treatments to bring you relief, no matter what you’re suffering from.

Mona Hansen, Psychologist

BSc (Hons), Dipl.Hyp, Dipl.CBH, Dipl.CBT

Mona Hansen

Mona Hansen is a central London psychologist and clinical hypnotherapist. She has considerable experience working as a mental health professional, both in the UK and in her native Norway. She combines psychological therapies with clinical hypnotherapy to bring leading treatment to adults and children. She is also qualified to offer advice on nutrition and exercise.

Mona offers private therapy London with Life Advantage. Life Advantage is a private therapy practice operating at two central London locations: Harley Street or The Heath Therapies. Life Advantage offers a range of therapy for people in London, the rest of the UK and in Norway and worldwide via Skype.

Mona’s rapid, integrative approach helps people who suffer from a huge range of different mental health disorders and problems including depression , anxiety , weight management , binge eating , body dysmorphic disorder , ARFID and many more.

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An Integrative Psychologist

Mona has developed a life-long interest in learning and study, staying at the forefront of developments in various therapeutic approaches. She has gained a large range of professional qualifications which enable her to treat many difficult and highly challenging conditions. As a leading London psychologist, she combines different approaches to develop specialised programmes. She doesn’t rely on a formula, but meets the unique needs of each individual.

This approach to professional therapy results in rapid and effective treatment for a range of disorders that affect people throughout London and the UK.

Experience and qualifications

Mona has years of experience working with people with eating disorders at a psychiatric clinic in Norway. She has also worked for the NHS in the UK.

Whilst studying for her degree in Psychology at City University, London, Mona worked with children with a range of complex needs and demands. Her friendly and caring personality, combined with her extensive therapist experience has enabled her to bring treatment and care to people of all ages.

She studied clinical hypnotherapy at the London College of Clinical Hypnosis, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) at the Centre for Stress Management. She has a diploma from The Centre for Psychosexual Health, together with several diplomas in addiction and depression, from Human Givens College. She also has an Open University degree in Human Nutrition and a Diploma in Fitness Instructing from the YMCA and is a certified practitioner of the 4Rs Therapy Model for the treatment of selective eating disorder (ARFID).

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Private Therapy London

Mona can help with a wide range of issues and challenges to well-being and mental health. Mona’s private therapy in London takes a customised approach that aims to understand you and the roots of your problems in order to design interventions that help you to make progress.


Despite the long-term nature of many depressive episodes it is worth emphasising that depression can be treated. You needn’t put up with the oppressive emotions and debilitating weariness that prevent you from realising your potential and developing a fulfilling life. Customised depression therapy from Mona Hansen can help you to overcome depression.


Worrying now and again is a normal part of life, but if intense anxiety is experienced frequently you may be suffering from generalised anxiety disorder. Anxiety does not need to control your life and dominate your thoughts. While generalised anxiety disorder can be a crippling problem that can manifest in panic attacks, sleep loss, constant unease and feeling both mentally and physically drained it is a treatable condition. Mona is a London psychologist that combines different therapeutic approaches including hypnotherapy to treat anxiety.

Weight Loss

According to a recent NHS survey , over 64% of UK adults are either overweight or obese. Being overweight has detrimental effects on physical health but can also affect the way we feel – undermining self esteem. However, the mental challenge of losing weight can be huge.

Whether you suffer from emotional eating, binge eating, ‘diet-hopping’, struggling to make healthy food choices or simply maintaining motivation, therapy for weight loss can help you. Mona combines traditional therapies with hypnotherapy to support you with your weight loss goal and improve your overall health.

Just one two-hour session is generally enough to address straightforward weight loss. Occasionally one’s relationship with food can be linked to deeper issues related to one’s upbringing and relationships. In such cases, additional sessions may be required to address all the necessary variables present.

Mona’s approach is a highly effective form of weight loss therapy. If you want support losing weight, London psychologist Mona Hansen will work with you to develop a plan customised to your issues .


Avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID), previously known as selective eating disorder (SED), is a food phobia that can be a debilitating problem for people of all ages. People with this condition typically restrict their diet to a very few “safe” foods that can result in long term consequences for their health. Often misunderstood as “picky eaters” ARFID sufferers can experience severe difficulties for years. No matter how much you might want to overcome your eating disorder and try more types of food, it can simply be too stressful to accomplish.

A combined form of therapy and hypnotherapy is an effective way to overcome ARFID. Mona’s approach is so effective, it usually only takes a single two-hour session to help you overcome your struggle with eating.

Mona can help clients make progress with a very wide range of challenges. If you have any psychological issue that is troubling you, get in touch today.

London Psychologist

Private Therapist Covering:

Addictions , Anger Management , Phobias , Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy , Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence , Smoking Cessation , Stress Management , Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) .

For effective and rapid solutions to mental health disorders or other problems, get in touch with leading London Psychologist, Mona Hansen. Mona at Life Advantage has helped countless people discover freedom in their everyday lives through an integrative therapy approach.