Self Confidence

Self-Esteem and Self Confidence Problems

Do you experience:

Regularly feel inadequate or inferior?

Often feel that you are a phoney or a fraud?

Feel that you are unworthy in the eyes of others?

Feel as if nobody wants to be with you or cares about you?

Difficulty in accepting criticism?

Are you always hungry for compliments?

Low self-esteem can be treated

Everyone has an idea of the type of person they are. These perceptions are at the heart of self-esteem and they affect how you value yourself. Self-esteem isn’t static and fixed. Your self-belief can change throughout your life as a result of circumstances and experiences.

If you have low self-esteem, your beliefs will often be negative and you may focus on what you consider to be your weaknesses, not your strengths. You are also likely to amplify past mistakes instead of crediting yourself for successes.

The core principle behind the therapy for low self-esteem is to facilitate the rebuilding of one’s relationship with oneself. In this new, positive approach you will learn to appreciate your positive aspects and cultivate a more balanced relationship with yourself.

Benefits of treating Low Self-Esteem include:

Greater self-confidence and inner resilience

Calmness and inner peace

Openness to feedback

Better work life balance and higher productivity

Better quality of inter-personal relationships

Overcome Low Self-Esteem with Mona Hansen

Self-esteem and self-worth problems can arise for many different reasons. Whatever be the origins, Mona Hansen has helped many people over the years to develop healthy and balanced self-esteem. Mona will help you to understand the root cause of your low self-esteem and how to develop a healthier relationship with yourself. One where you will be more understanding, compassionate, tolerant and accepting of yourself.

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