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Depression Therapy Treatment

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Depression Therapy

Mona Hansen is a psychologist and clinical hypnotherapist qualified to provide depression therapy. Mona has years of experience working in the UK mental health system, as well as in her native Norway, and now runs a private clinic in London.

She provides a rapid, integrative approach to depression therapy which includes combined psychological treatments that could involve hypnotherapy for depression. Every therapy session is tailored to your specific needs as an individual in order to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment with Mona.


What is Depression?

Depression and anxiety disorders are common mental health conditions – almost one in six adults in the UK report experiencing depressive symptoms or experiencing some form of anxiety. Depression can affect people of any age and circumstance. It’s often triggered by an event in one’s past or by stress, but the triggers aren’t always known. People with a family history of depression are more likely to experience it themselves.

Everyone feels down or unhappy sometimes as this is a natural reaction to circumstances in our lives. However, depression is a long term problem — a persistent feeling of unhappiness, sadness or hopelessness.

Having depression is not a failing and neither is it a trivial condition. It’s a mental condition that can and should be treated through psychological treatment – including depression therapy.

Symptoms of Depression

As with many illnesses that affect your mental health, the symptoms of depression can widely vary and also depend on the severity of your condition. They range from feelings of sadness and persistently feeling low in spirit, through to hopelessness and suicidal thoughts. If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms of depression – or multiple symptoms – you could be depressed. This is not a weakness in your personality or something that can be overcome by pure willpower, but is a mental condition that should be treated. Get in touch with Mona Hansen to help you overcome these feelings and enjoy life again.

  • Feelings of low self-worth and self-hate
  • Feeling fake or phoney (living an inauthentic existence)
  • Frequent bad moods or oppressive feelings
  • Incessantly criticizing yourself
  • Feeling sad and tearful
  • Disturbed sleep – including difficulty falling asleep, remaining asleep or struggling to get up
  • Feeling hopeless or suicidal
  • No longer enjoying the things you used to cherish
  • Chronic anxiety

Treating Depression

There is a range of ways that depression can be treated. If you’re suffering from severe depression and having suicidal thoughts, it’s vital that you talk to someone immediately. You can call a free 24-hour helpline such as the Samaritans on: 116 123.

Mild depression can often be treated through lifestyle changes such as increased exercise, improved diet and cutting down on alcohol, but many people with depression struggle to motivate themselves to make these changes. More severe instances of depression will often not be fully treated by lifestyle changes and require other forms of psychological treatments.

How Can Depression Therapy Help?

Mona Hansen is a psychologist with extensive experience of providing depression therapy.

Depending on the source of your depression, therapy could be a fantastic way to work through the underlying causes of your emotional distress improving your well-being and allowing you to live a more meaningful life. Some forms of depression can come from childhood trauma, unprocessed feelings of bereavement or grief, or other adverse life events. Processing these issues through counselling, often combined with other forms of psychological treatments, enables you to overcome your depression.

Mona has the expertise required to customise the treatment you receive to your personality and condition. It enables her to tailor specific therapy that will be most effective for you.


Treating your Depression

Mona’s extensive training included study of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy at the Centre for Stress Management and study of clinical hypnotherapy at the University of West London. She also has a degree in psychology from City, University of London and diplomas in treating anxiety and depression. 

Mona integrates a number of different methods to bring about effective and timely progress. This can include more traditional therapy through to hypnotherapy. Every treatment is tailored to your specific needs as an individual in order to create a treatment that will work for you.


Combat Depression with Mona Hansen

Mona Hansen has a clinic in Islington London, however if you can’t travel down to London, Mona can offer depression therapy sessions via Skype from the comfort of your own home.

Mona also offers sessions in Norwegian to people in Norway via Skype.

Get In Touch today to find out more about Mona’s highly successful approach to therapy.