Harley Street

Harley Street Psychologist & Eating Disorder Specialist

Based in Harley Street, Mona Hansen is a psychologist who specialises in ARFID, Eating Disorders, Body Dysmorphia, Stress, Anxiety, Depression and PTSD.

Mona has spent many years working with individuals of all ages to provide successful, tailor-made treatments to support her clients.

Educated in London and having practised both with the NHS and in her native Norway, Mona takes an integrative approach to treatment. One size seldom fits all, and by specifically designing therapy around the needs of the individual outcomes are more positive than more generic approaches.

What conditions does Mona Hansen treat in Harley Street?

Eating Disorders
Weight Loss
Smoking Cessation
Self Confidence
Anger Management
Body Dismorphic Disorder
Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

In-person or distance treatment

Mona is flexible as to how treatments are offered, either seeing clients in person in her Harley Street practice or remotely via Skype and Zoom. Ensuring you are going at a pace that suits you and in a setting you feel comfortable in is one of the key factors attributed to Mona’s success in treating a wide range of conditions.

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