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The advice to stay at home during the Coronavirius pandemic presents an obvious challenge to those in need of therapy. However in common with many other therapists I offer online sessions for all the issues I treat via skype.

I can understand that some people may have reservations about participating in online therapy but there is strong scientific evidence confirming the effectiveness of online therapy.

A review of the research studies investigating online health consultations published this year points to the efficacy of online consultations and the effective delivery of therapy for a wide range of conditions. The review notes that online treatment was well-accepted by patients, as it simulated in-person, face-to-face consultation.

A 2018 review of 53 research studies investigating online psychotherapy for a wide range of psychological issues including anxiety and depression disorders concluded online delivery of therapy is effective, acceptable and practical health care. A review of online therapy for depression that evaluated studies involving a total of 429 individuals concluded that it is just as effective as face to face therapy.

Psychotherapists¬†also report that sessions using skype are effective and that clients are sometimes more relaxed¬†and appear to speak more openly via skype than in face to face sessions ‚Äď perhaps as a consequence of being in the comfort of their own home rather than in a consulting room.

My own experience with using skype for treating people for a whole range of conditions (including ARFID) has been very positive ‚Äď both for me and my clients. I have successfully treated many clients ‚Äď both adults and children ‚Äď using skype and would encourage those seeking¬†treatment¬†to consider online sessions as a perfect substitute for face to face sessions.Book an appointment today


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